There is a reason why hand built guitars sound different from production one guitars. Every piece of wood is different and alive. I can not treat any two pieces of wood the same way. Shaping the sound of a guitar is a complex process that involves choosing what type of wood to start with, then every piece of wood and every brace inside the guitar needs different shaping. By tapping the wood and listening to the tone you have to decide were and how much wood to shave away until it has the perfect tone. This is a process that takes many years to master and is one of the reason why handbuilt guitar are so unique.

Every single guitarist has their own opinion about the perfect sound. As a luthier it is no easy task to figure how to build the guitar to give the perfect sound for every customer. The easiest way to understand this is if the customer tries a few guitars with the luthier and explain what they like and don’t like about those guitars to get an understanding of what the customer means.